Aviation-Event 2022 VIE

25 January 2022 | Vienna Airport


The central geographical location and the excellent range of services at Vienna Airport are optimal for travellers. The VIP & Business Service and the Business & Private Jets service are the perfect solutions for travellers who are interested in an individual or exclusive process. First-class service „on the ground “! Vienna Airport offers modern VIP & Business Services, which set international standards and combine an exclusive ambience with individual support.

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Challenges of Aviation industry

> Is Eastern European aviation different? <

> Recovery Strategies for Regional Airports and Regional Airlines <

> Aviation sustainability and innovation <


Magnus Brunner
Minister of Finance, Republic of Austria

Julian Jäger
COO and Joint CEO, Vienna Airport

José Ramón Bauzá
Renew Europe Group Coordinator for Transport and Tourism Committee, European Parliament

Lars F. Corsten
Chairman of the Board, Vereinigung Passagier

Chris Dinsdale
CEO, Budapest Airport

Tomas Jancus
CFO & Deputy CEO, Kosice International Airport

David Ciceo
CEO, Cluj International Airport

Jiří Pos
CEO, Prague Airport

Dominik Piotrowski
Policy Officer, DG MOVE (EU Commission)

Jost Lammers
CEO, Munich Airport

Oana Petrescu
CEO, Blue Air

Philipp Joeinig
Chairman & CEO, Menzies Aviation

Tobias Pogorevc
CEO, Helvetic Airways

Ivan Bassato
Chief Aviation Officer, ADR

Nicolae Stoica
Director General, Romanian Civil Aviation Authority

Charles Schlumberger
Lead Air Transport Specialist, The World Bank

Bettina Ganghofer
CEO, Salzburg Airport

Ursula Fürnhammer
CEO, Lagardère Travel Retail Austria


Adrian von Dörnberg
President of Aviation-Event Supervisory Board

Nicoley Baublies
Owner, Nicoley Baublies Konfliktcoaching GmbH

Claudia Tapardel
Global Public Speaker, Former Member of the European Parliament

Martin Isler
Former EVP Airline, Luxair

Ioanna Papadopoulou
Director of Communications & Marketing, Athens International

Partner & Supporter


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    MOXY Vienna Airport

    Ausfahrtsstraße 4, 1300 Wien, Austria

    Reserve your Rooms: Tel: +43 1 3763760, +43 1 89102

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    Executive Supervisory Board

    Adrian von Dörnberg
    Founder & MP, TCG

    Michael Kerkloh
    Member of Supervisory Board, Lufthansa

    Raphael von Heereman
    Professor, University of Antwerp

    Julian Jäger
    COO & Joint CEO of Vienna Airport

    Tobias Pogorevc
    CEO, Helvetic Airways

    Rafael Schvartzman
    Regional Vice President Europe, IATA

    Martin Isler

    Valter Fernandes
    CEO, TAP Express

    Ventola Nazareno
    CEO Bologna Airport

    David Ciceo
    CEO Cluj Airport

    David Pérez Gonzalez
    CEO, Tenerife Tourism

    Ioanna Papadopoulou
    Director of Communications & Marketing, Athens International Airport S.A.

    Peter Oncken
    Managing Partner INTRO Aviation

    Markus Kopp
    Senior Advisor Aviation

    Karsten Benz
    Alix Partners

    Michael Garvens
    Senior Aviation Advisory

    Frederic Chevalier
    Regional COO, Lagardere Travel Retail

    Media Task Force

    Honorary Member

    Peter Baumgartner
    Chairman, Bluearbre

    Kurt Hofmann
    Aviation Journalist

    Rüdiger Kiani-Kreß
    Aviation Journalist, Wirtschaftswoche

    Eike Knall
    CMO, Radio Frankfurt

    Pedro Martin
    President of Cabildo de Tenerife

    José Ramón Bauzá
    Renew Europe Group Coordinator for Transport and Tourism Committee, European Parliament

    Supervisory Board Members

    Samil Karakas CEO

    Anton Õnnik
    CCO, Xfly

    Charlotte Dumesnil
    Director of Sales, Distribution and Alliances, Vueling

    Evandro Vianna
    CCO, Iberia Express


    Hub for the industry

    Aviation-Event is the leading platform for aviation conferencing and social media communication

    The Conference

    Aviation-Event invites since 2007 business leaders from the aviation industry and politics to the annual conference to discuss current topics and find solutions for issues the aviation industry is concerned about. We are giving aviation professionals, aviation experts and top decision makers out of the aviation industry access to all aspects of the industry.


    The venue at airports is the perfect location for a substantial dialogue and meeting point for business leaders from the aviation industry, politics and every compony willing to gain access to the aviation sector. Meet decision makers to discuss new business models and to connect with aviation people.

    New Challenges

    Aviation-Event is a well known and recommended platform. It offers exclusive and personal contacts with a dialogue on eye-level. Up to 200 decision makers and more than 30 Speakers come together at the Hub of the industry. Aviation-Event 2018 will be at Düsseldorf airport on June 21st. The topic: “New challenges for global aviation industry –  new global players upcoming?“


    Aviation-Event special pics up a variety of topics which we give closer insight on. In a smaller atmosphere of about 50 participants and a panel discussion to a special topic allows us to focus more on one issue. The networking after makes the event unique and perfect to place a topic within the aviation industry.