A ray of hope for tourism: Tenerife is looking forward to April

Like many other destinations, Tenerife has been affected by the worldwide coronavirus crisis. Not surprisingly, this popular Canary Island feels pretty empty at present, with only a handful of hotels open. You can spot the occasional business traveller, or even those who have moved ‘working from home’ to the sunny island. David Pérez, CEO at Tourismo de Tenerife, points out that even though the 7-day rate of incidence here is actually below 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, the island’s tourist infrastructure is currently somewhat under-utilised.

Whilst Mr. Pérez is not yet able to provide a forecast as to how and when tourism activity might re-start, he is optimistic that an end to the crisis is approaching.

The requirement for a negative PCR or molecular COVID-19 test continues to apply when travelling to Tenerife.
As a nature and outdoor paradise, Tenerife is known as a top destination for golfers, hikers, climbers, cyclists and water sports enthusiasts all year round. Right now, the air and water temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. Whether teeing off and holing out on one of the eight golf courses, hiking through volcanic scree and evergreen laurel forests, tackling adventurous climbs and rapid descents by bike, riding the Atlantic waves on a kiteboard or surfboard, or simply taking a look at the biggest Canary Island from above with a paraglider – Tenerife invites adrenaline junkies and active holidaymakers to explore the island from their own perspective.
Those who simply want to switch off and enjoy a great time are also in the right place on Tenerife, because the island is perfect for soul soothing. Rugged rock formations, steep cliffs and green forests all make Tenerife’s landscape highly distinctive, but it’s the beaches that are particularly outstanding here.
As Tourism Director Pérez noted in a press conference this week, Aviation-Event, the international conference for the aviation industry, will take place on the holiday island of Tenerife in June of this year.