Aviation and Tourism 2021 – Review

11 June 2021, Tenerife


Re-Start Aviation

The Aviation-Event Tenerife was a great success

In recent days, Tenerife has become the focal point of thedebate on the aviation and tourism industry thanks to the benchmark European meeting in this field – Aviation-Event Tenerife 2021. An event that, furthermore, has been held forthe first time outside of the usual circuit of European capitals where it has been held to date, making it even more special and important for the island.

A meeting that included the participation of senior representatives from the aviation industry and from institutions throughout the continent and beyond. From airlines to airports; representatives of public and private bodies, and without forgetting relevant political leaders.

The Aviation-Event has taken place at a crucial time. Tenerife has paved the way for the resumption of global activity for the tourism and aviation industry. In both sectors, the island also plays a leading role: on the one hand, as a first class global tourism destination, with high quality accommodation and the most complete offer of leisure, nature and free time activities on the continent. And on the other hand, due to its geostrategic situation, making it key in the development of global air connectivity, as the origin and destination of routes connecting the whole world.

Tenerife is the location everyone has their eyes set on today. This is the case because we want to be the place where any tourist can spend their holidays and the location where all airlines wish to fly to. To which end we are heading in the right direction.

Pedro Martin, President of Cabildo Tenerife


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Aviation-Event Tenerife 2021

Aviation-Event Tenerife 2021

»Our industry is critical to a functioning society. But we shouldn‘t make the mistake to assume everything will be back to normal without significant
further efforts. Some things have changed for good. To be successful, we must actively rebuild customer trust, reinvent service excellence, and create
profound product differentiation with the customer perspective at the core of everything we do. To achieve this, digital transformation must be embraced
as the key enabler. The discussion at Aviation-Event has shown the way how technological innovation and advancement can help transform travel
sustainably into a more seamless, safe, and enjoyable experience.«

Peter Baumgartner, former CEO of Etihad Airways and Chairman, Bluearbre Ltd.

»I am quite excited to see many aviation experts again and talk face2face about the challenges and also opportunities in our industry after such a long
time of only virtual meetings. I do also hope that many of our customers can’t wait to travel the world again and the Lufthansa Group will prove that we are
here to connect people and cultures in a sustainable manner.«

Heike Birlenbach, Senior Vice President Customer Experience, Lufthansa Group

»First of all, thanks for inviting me to this amazing event. I spent 25 year in the airline, doing many different jobs. I often think that jet fuel still run through
my veins. So, this is really pleasant jump back in a business that has fed me, bred me, shaped me as manager and professional. And trust me, according
to my 32 years experience, there is no other business, as charming, complex and challenging as the aviation. In fact, compared to airlines, cruises are,
or probably were…, simply…easy. There are only 50 players, carrying some 30 mil cruisers worldwide, out of “1,5 bil tourists”…in a normal year. A huge
potential. Where we just need to set an itinerary, a price and put a ship. The market will follows…. Let me just say that it’s an honor for me to be here,
bringing my perspective from another field. Thanks again for inviting me.«

Aureliano Cicala, Director General, MSC CROCIERE

»Its exciting to be again meeting peers inperson at the Aviation Event in Tenerife. Beeing part of a first combination Event with Aviation and Tourism
beeing brought together is very interesting for myself as I have rejoined the Tourism sector after 20 year in Aviation. In these unprecedented times it is so
important to look ahead on the possible scenarios we will be challenged within the future.«

Árni Gunnarsson, Managing Director, Iceland Travel

»Aviation is the business of freedom, but it relies on the freedom of movement, something this pandemic and its consequences have jeopardized. Organizing a tourism and aviation event on an island like Tenerife which relies on both is a step forward in the right direction, as we continue to push for a successful industry restart on the road that will lead us back to a safe, secure and sustainable air transport industry that connects and enriches our world«

Rafael Schvartzman, Regional Vice President Europe, IATA

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