Aviation-Event 2024 RMO

30 May 2024 | Chisinau, Moldova

Welcome to Chisinau, Moldova

MOLDOVA – a place to find yourself


Being situated in Eastern Europe, Moldova is a small country which shares common borders with Romania in west and Ukraine in north, south and east. Moldova is a country with a rich tourist potential and this small piece of land fully deserves to be named a “Corner of Heaven”. Moldova is proud of its picturesque landscapes, historical places and fortresses rich in history; wine brands and wine cellars which compete with their French counterparts; churches and monasteries which became places of pilgrimage and heal souls; and the true treasure of Moldova are its people whose hospitality is famous all around the world. The territory of the Republic of Moldova covers 33,8 thousand km², with around 2,5 million inhabitants, the official language of the country is Romanian.


On this small piece of land, such beautiful human qualities as hospitality, friendship, kindness and respect for values are highly appreciated and this creates a beneficial psychological climate and determines correct attitude within the society.


Together with the extension process, EU and the Republic of Moldova cooperate in order to strengthen their political and economic relations, including through the Eastern Partnership. Situated at the intersection of the principal commercial roads of Eurasia, the Republic of Moldova represents a genuine hub which brings together the experience, continuity and diversity of generations that have shaped the present and influence our future.


In terms of aviation, air transport has recently been experiencing a sustained dynamic. On May 31st, 1995, Chisinau Airport was certified as an international airport and is considered as one of the strategic objectives of the country. Chisinau International Airport is under the administration of the Republic of Moldova, is located at 13 km distance from the city center of Chisinau and is the biggest airport and the main air gate of the country.


Chisinau International Airport meets all international standards and has a significant route network with around 21 passenger and cargo airlines which operate regular and charter flights connecting Chisinau with 40 destinations in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. There are two national airlines, Flyone and Hisky, and 19 foreign air companies: Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Wizz Air, Aegean Airlines, Israir, EL AL, Azerbaijan Airlines, Arkia, Air Montenegro, Georgian Wings, Air Baltic, Euro Wings, LOT Polish Airlines, Tarom, Pegasus Airlines, Freebird Airlines, Tailwind Airlines, Flyone Armenia, Hisky Europe. Chisinau International Airport is a member of Airport Council International (ACI) Europe and of Romanian Airport Association (AAR). Three-letter IATA code of Chisinau International Airport has been recently changed from KIV to RMO.


The airport is equipped with two runways. The runway 08-26 was constructed in 1987 and is still one of the longest runways in the Eastern Europe. It is 3590 meters long and 45 meters wide, type of surface – cement concrete. This runway was completely reconstructed in 2023. The runway 09-27 was put into operation in 2018. It is 2383 meters long and 45 meters wide, type of surface – cement concrete.


Airfield code is 4D, airfield functions in a non-stop mode. The overall area of the airfield is 364 hectares. The maximum number of the aircrafts which can be stationed at the same time on the airfield parking is 39.


Convenient geographical position and excellent infrastructure of the airport are a perfect starting point for any type of a trip, be it a leisure or business travel. The main priorities of the activity of the “Chisinau International Airport” is providing the highest standards of the aviation security and quality of the provided services.


Be our guest in this unique experience of discovering the taste of Moldova’s through the main air gate of Chisinau International Airport.

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