First Live Aviation Conference After COVID-19 Outbreak

First Live Aviation Conference After COVID-19 Outbreak.

Aviation-Event made it possible to summon the people of aviation industry for their first live event after the worldwide shutdown. An excellent line-up of key players from the industry and as well as EU politicians made the Event a great success.

The aim of “Aviation is Back” is to point out the needs of air traffic and tourism in the current crisis and to get as much media interest as possible from the event. We are so glad to have positive feedbacks from the industry leaders, please find the quotes below.

Ismail Ertug, S&D Vice-President for transport and tourism

„The aviation and tourism industry were hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis. European governments organised an unprecedented 32.9 bn € in state aid for airlines. It is vital that the European aviation industry survives this crisis, since it is an important driver for economic growth and prosperity. At the same time we also have to use this situation to set a framework for the industry to enter a new and more sustainable age.“

Arnaud Feist, CEO Brussels Airport

„Aviation is one family. Airports, airlines, tourism and business travel organisations are fighting the same battle. Let’s work together to make travel soon a great and enjoyable experience again. It’s not about costs, we all suffer. It is about understanding the new passengers’ needs and work together to find the best solutions for them in this new environment.“

Julian Jäger, CCO & Joint CEO of Vienna Airport

„It is safe to say that 2020 will go down as the worst year in civil aviation history. COVID19 is not like any other crisis and there will be lasting effects. We now need to take step after step towards the recovery of air travel, but the way back will certainly be a long and difficult path!“

Peter Onken, Owner Corsair

„It is always good to exchange with my peers of the industry. After these unprecedented weeks of COVID-19 lockdown and the grounding of airlines it is great to see that business not only seems to revive again but that we get back to the routine of seeing and exchanging with each other. I am grateful that Aviation Event is staging this event just after the lifting of international travel restrictions.“

Toferry P. Soetikno, Consul General of Republic of Indonesia

„Aviation is back!“ is a timely event for reaffirming the role of aviation industry for modern economy including tourism sector. Aviation industry also plays an important role in connecting various islands in Indonesia, as the largest archipelagic country in the world.“

Klaus-Peter Willsch, MP, Chairman Aviation and Space Group in the Bundestag

“I feel honoured to be part of this distinguished panel. My message is: Aviation is not only crucial for our economy but also for cultural exchange.”

Nazareno Ventola, CEO & MD, Bologna Airport

“Aviation is an eco-system that went through a deep shock due to COVID crisis. Nevertherless I believe the system is resilient because it’s based on solid pillars: the desire of people to travel, to discover, to interact, that is embedded in human nature. Aviation is Back! event comes at the right time to exchange views and ideas on how the recovery will be and what it needs to be solid and long-lasting.”

Dorothea Hohn, Managing Partner of Global Communication Experts

“International destinations in particular have suffered greatly from the pandemic. Especially those who can only be reached by plane are currently suffering even more than self-driving destinations. That is why it is so important that we all fight together for a strong aviation industry. Only in this way can we make international business and leisure travel possible again. Aviation is Back helps to draw attention to this big need.“

Andrea Waechtershaeuser, Director Airport Infrastructure & Regulatory Affairs, IATA

„I’m looking forward to this first ‘live’ event of the Aviation industry to exchange with my industry partners how to jointly enable a safe and secure, but also quick restart of the industry and what needs to be done to restore passenger confidence.“

David Pérez Gonzalez, CEO, Tenerife Tourism

„Intressting speakers, good network and good media represantation. All in all for Tenerife it was a pleasure to participate and a fantastic start to be back on the run.“

Kurt Hofmann, Aviation Journalist

„The Aviation Event in Frankfurt has been the first opportunity to meet people from the industry live again after a long time – without a video conference. It demonstraded once again, how important personal exchange between people is.
Moderating the panel regarding airlines and tourism have shown the strong forces between the two industries which needs each other. But also my panelists where realistic, getting out of the Covid-crises will take some time.“

Rüdiger Kiani-Kreß, Aviation Journalist, Wirtschaftswoche

„This first aviation congress in the age of Corona has proven, why aviation is back, and will be ever more so. After three months of video conferencing all participants were eager to exchange their ideas how we can shake off the industry’s worst ever crisis. And I think everyone felt: nothing is as inspring as meeting in person.“

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