Aviation is Back!

The aim of “Aviation is Back” is to point out the needs of air traffic and tourism in the current crisis and to get as much media interest as possible from the event. Aviation-Event is the largest European platform for live and online communication related to air traffic, with a special focus on media and media companies. An important partner, the Handelsblatt Group, is already on board.
In this respect there is no forerunner, rather it is a “hands on” format, which have been implemented at short notice (without an economic character, as a benefit event, so to speak). Active key players in the industry meets on June 20 2020 at Leonardo Royal Hotel Frankfurt. Two main topics in different panels: (working title topic 1) Aviation and Globalization after the crisis (working title topic 2) They need us – we need them. Tourism is a key factor to recover the world’s economy. The 35-40 participants are made up of representatives from target areas, airlines, airports and tourists.