terms and conditions

1. Event

Aviation-Event is the leading platform for aviation conferencing – giving aviation professionals, aviation experts and top decision makers out of the aviation industry access to all aspects of the industry.. Thus, specialists and executives from all industries are expressly invited. Organizer of Aviation-Event 2019 is DA! GmbH, Im Hirtengrund 17, 64297 Darmstadt.

b. Participation Fee:

Participation in the respective event services of Aviation-Event 2019 is subject to the following participation fees per person:

>Conference part

Early-Bird-Special (upon receipt of registration until 28.02.2019): 199,00 Euro net

Winter-Fee (upon receipt of registration until 15.04.2019  inclusive): 399.00 Euro net

Spring-Fee (upon receipt of registration until 31.05.2019  inclusive): 599 , 00 Euro net

Regular fee (when registering until 21.06.2019): 799,00 Euro net

Per person is the corresponding sum Euro net as attendance and food allowance in advance to DA! GmbH. After receipt of payment and thus completed registration you will receive a confirmation of registration. Please pay at the latest 14 calendar days after your registration. For applications shortly before the event (reduced payment period): the transfer must be received by the day before the event.

The organizer reserves the right to set the prices for the individual event services after 31.05.2019 according to demand.

The gross lump sums are shown on the registration form and result from the net amounts stated here plus the statutory value added tax.

c. Services:

The participation fee includes the following services:

ñ Participation in the respective booked event performance (conference part), conference drinks, catering

To be able to offer our services on the existing favorable conditions, the scope of service does not include the provision of alcoholic beverages. For the conference part, only non-alcoholic drinks are provided free of charge by the organizer as an additional service. A claim of the customer for free provision of drinks of any kind is not justified by this. The catering includes a small lunch and coffee break catering.

There is no entitlement to certain seats or a specific seat choice.

The capacities may be limited due to the exclusivity and the premises – under certain circumstances a waiting list may occur. The persons concerned will be informed accordingly upon registration.

d. Participation of children

Participation of children or adolescents under 18 years is not possible.

e. Overnight stay

Arrival Nights / hotel stays at the venue as well as the arrival to the Aviation-Event 2019 are not included in the scope of services of the organizer. The participant has to arrange for a place to stay and his arrival. Hotel stays at the venue and a corresponding arrival must therefore be booked separately, regardless of a registration for Aviation Event 2019. Contractual relationships with regard to hotel stays and travel always come with the respective hotel and / or transport company and in no case with the organizer to conditions.

2. Conclusion of contract / registration

a. Registration

Participation in the event services offered by the organizer as part of Aviation-Event 2019 is only possible after successful registration. This also applies to cooperation partners, guests of honor, moderators and discussants as well as journalists and reporters.

Registration deadline is the day of the event (surcharges for applications with shorter payment period please note, see above). Registrations can be made via the website www.aviation-event.de or via info@aviation-event.de For possible registrations from 01.06.2019 – as mentioned above – separate regulations apply. Upon receipt of the registration with the organizer, the participant will receive the invoice and the admission ticket by e-mail in PDF format. Participation in the aviation event is only possible after payment of the invoice. The invoice must be paid by the participant within 14 days, but no later than 21.06.2019 (receipt of payment). Invoices are generated by e-mail on the basis of a printable PDF document. Invoices are not sent by post, but only by e-mail. Registration is only completed upon receipt of payment by the organizer. Invoice changes that were not caused by the organizer will be charged with a fee of 20,00 Euro net. If no payment has been received on the day of the event, the participation fee in the amount of the participation fee with a shorter payment period will be automatically charged in cash or by credit card. A claim for acceptance of an application does not exist. The organizer can reject a registration without giving reasons.

b. Capacities

The participation capacity for the Aviation Event 2019 is limited. Registrations are always registered in the order of the written receipt of the application. Therefore, early registration is strongly advised. Employees and guests of the cooperation partners as well as members and guests of the participating cooperation partners as well as supporters and regular guests of the aviation event series are given preferential treatment when the registration is received at the same time.

c. Registration Status

Questions regarding the status of the registration will be answered via e-mail at info@aviation-event.de or via the event hotline under +49 6151 953116 to 21.06.2019.

3. Failures / malfunctions

Failures and / or disruptions of the event or of individual event components due to force majeure (such as natural events, strikes, wars), involuntary industrial action, unpredictable interference by third parties on the event, which are not controllable by the organizer or, at events, which take place under the open sky, due to bad weather, are not the responsibility of the organizer and are not at his expense.

The same applies if these events occur in third-party establishments which the organizer uses to fulfill its contractual obligations.

 4. Program Changes

The organizer reserves the right to change individual program items or to offer different program items (eg in case of a short-term cancellation of announced personalities), unless this is not reasonable for the participant. As a rule, program changes are reasonable for the participant if they have no influence on the overall character of the event.

5. Payment terms

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Payment of the participation fee will be transferred to the following account of the organizer: DA! GmbH, Sparkasse Darmstadt, IBAN: DE74 5085 0150 0004 0246 05, SWIFT-BIC: HELADEF1DAS, Recipient: DA! GmbH. The participation fee is payable to the participant without deduction upon receipt of the invoice and payable within 7 days.

The processing fee for each reminder is governed by the provisions of DA! GmbH

6. Cancellations

The organizer asks for your understanding that a cancellation of registrations for the performance of the event is not possible.

However, each participant is entitled, if the person registered for an event has been prevented, to rebook his registration once and to inform the organizer in writing via fax +49 6151 538014 or via e-mail info@aviation-event.de, but no later than 20.06.2019 , For rebookings after this date, the organizer charges a rebooking fee i. H. v. 20.00 Euro net per rebooked event performance.

7. Picture / sound recordings

The organizer is entitled to make picture and sound recordings at the events and / or have them made and / or to allow third parties to produce them and to distribute these recordings generally for their own purposes (eg reference and advertising purposes) and / or display them in public deliver. The participant hereby agrees, unless he expressly objects to the production of a recording and / or use of a recording.

8. Privacy

The organizer will treat the data provided by the participant confidentially and use it in accordance with the data protection regulations. The data transmitted by the participant will be stored by the organizer and used for the purpose of service provision and billing and – if necessary – passed on to contracted service providers.

In addition to name tags, the organizer also creates participant lists with personal data of the participants (such as the name of the participant or, in the case of cooperation partners, their address). The participant lists will be interpreted by the organizer at the venue. The organizer reserves the right to make participant lists available to individual participants, even after the end of the event. The participant hereby agrees.

9. Liability of the organizer

The organizer is liable according to the legal provisions for intentional or grossly negligent caused damage and for damage to life, limb and health.

In the case of simple negligence, the organizer is liable only in the event of a breach of a material contractual obligation (cardinal obligation). However, liability in this case is limited to compensation for foreseeable, typically occurring damage. Incidentally, liability for slight negligence is excluded.

The organizer is not liable for the loss or theft of the items brought by the participant to the event.

Participation in framework program events outside the actual venue is at the participant’s own risk. A liability of the organizer is excluded.

For force majeure (such as natural events, strikes, wars), involuntary industrial action and interference from third parties on the performance, which are not subject to the control of the organizer, the organizer also assumes no liability. This also applies if these events occur in foreign companies, which the organizer uses to fulfill its contractual obligations.

Insofar as the organizer’s liability for damages against the participants is excluded or limited, this also applies with regard to the personal liability for damages of the employees, employees, employees, representatives and vicarious agents as well as for the liability for damages of any subcontractors engaged by the organizer.