Madeira Promotion Bureau and TAP Air Portugal will be the official host for Aviation-Event Executive Forum 2023 Madeira

Aviation-Event along with Madeira Promotion Bureau and TAP Air Portugal will officially host Aviation-Event Executive Forum 2023 Madeira an international executive aviation conference in 2023.

Aviation-Event Executive Forum 2023 Madeira is an international conference that brings together in a one-day conference, representatives of the relevant local authorities, airline & airport CEOs from all over Europe, and politicians. Aviation-Event Executive Forum 2023 Madeira conference, for example, aims to gather leaders from the European aviation industry, who will present new perspectives for aviation development at the international level in the post-pandemic context and the continuing need of the ever-changing aeronautical industry, to adapt to new scenarios.

Aviation-Event is an international media platform dedicated to the aviation industry, a specialized platform for organizing some of the most prestigious aviation conferences at the European level with various airports as hosts of the conference. Ever since 2007, Aviation-Event has invited, aviation industry leaders and political stakeholders to debate and find solutions to the aviation industry’s challenges.

Marcel Riwalsky, CEO, Aviation-Event, declared: “The most western location in Aviation-Event’s history, very proud to be on Madeira for the next Aviation-Event Executive Forum. Thank you to Madeira Promotion Bureau and TAP Air Portugal for the cooperation with Aviation-Event to host a successful executive forum.”

Eduardo Jesus, President of Madeira Promotion Bureau and Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture: “The holding of the ‚Aviation-Event Executive Forum 2023 Madeira‘ in Funchal is an opportunity to highlight the work that Madeira has been developing within the scope of the air transport, which allowed our airports to achieve a performance in 2022 that greatly surpasses the results of 2019, well above the average of its European counterparts, still below the records of that pre-pandemic year. We are certain that the Autonomous Region of Madeira will contribute to the return of the leaders of the European aeronautical industry to their origins invigorated with the exchange of experiences in this reference forum and delighted with the destination that awaits them for a leisure visit.“

Christine Ourmières-Widener, TAP CEO stated: TAP is the major airline connecting three different continents to Madeira and Portugal. I´m looking forward to welcoming some of the influential executives of the aviation industry and policymakers, as well as the specialized journalists, in Madeira, for the AE Executive Forum 2023.”


Attendances are based on invitation only for executives, decision-makers, top managers of the aviation industry, and media representatives.

For further information and possible live participation please contact: