New Media Partner: Airways Magazine

We are very proud to announce the addition of our new Media Partner, Airways Magazine. The Airways brand has two divisions: Airways Magazine and Airways Online. The former consists of the print version and the digital version of the print. Airways Online includes the website, with an up-to-date news portal and also details about the printed magazine. The website has a reach of half a million people ( There is also a YouTube channel that is part of the Airways Online brand.
Airways Magazine and Airways Online share the same social media handles. With an impressive 300,000+ people, they have a great social media presence. You can see the details at the end of the e-mail.
Social media channels:
• Facebook: [LINK] 169,493 likes.
• Instagram: [LINK] 139,000 followers.
• Twitter: [LINK] 75,302 followers.
• LinkedIn: [LINK] 3,643 likes.
• YouTube: [LINK] 1,400 subscribers