Michael Eggenschwiler, Senior Aviation Executive, Board Member, Mentor, joins Supervisory Board of Aviation-Event

Aviation-Event, the premier platform for aviation industry networking and knowledge exchange, is pleased to announce that Michael Eggenschwiler has accepted the invitation to join its Supervisory Board. Michael Eggenschwiler brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise that will be invaluable in guiding Aviation-Event’s strategic direction and enhancing its role as a key player in the aviation sector.

With a distinguished career spanning over three decades, Michael Eggenschwiler has established himself as a leading figure in the aviation industry. His tenure as CEO of Hamburg Airport has been marked by significant achievements in operational efficiency, sustainability initiatives, and passenger experience improvements. Michael Eggenschwiler’s leadership has earned Hamburg Airport numerous accolades and positioned it as a model for other airports globally.

As a member of the Supervisory Board, Michael Eggenschwiler will play a critical role in shaping Aviation-Event’s future initiatives, including upcoming conferences, workshops, and industry forums. His insights will help ensure that Aviation-Event remains at the forefront of addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the aviation industry today.

Marcel Riwalsky, CEO, Aviation-Event: „We are pleased to welcome Michael Eggenschwiler to our Supervisory Board,“ CEO, „His deep industry knowledge and strategic vision will be instrumental as we continue to expand our influence and foster innovation within the aviation community. Michael’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our mission to drive forward-thinking dialogue and collaboration among aviation professionals.“

Michael Eggenschwiler, Senior Aviation Executive, Board Member, Mentor: „I have been engaged with Aviation-Event for many years, both as a speaker and attendee. Each event offers the chance to meet industry professionals and gain diverse perspectives on developments across the sector. The aviation industry, with its intricate connections, benefits immensely from such platforms that facilitate the merging of different viewpoints. The Aviation-Forum stands as a professional platform, vital for fostering a unified approach to balancing market demands, political regulations, and economic needs. I eagerly anticipate contributing further with my experience.“

Aviation-Event is renowned for its high-impact events that gather industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to share insights and collaborate on pressing issues. With Michael Eggenschwiler’s addition to the Supervisory Board, Aviation-Event is poised to further enhance its reputation as a leading facilitator of industry advancement.

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About Aviation-Event: Aviation-Event is a premier platform dedicated to fostering networking and knowledge exchange within the aviation industry. Through its events, conferences, and forums, Aviation-Event brings together industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to discuss current trends, challenges, and opportunities, driving innovation and progress in the sector.