Moldova’s First International Aviation Conference Organised By Aviation-Event Highlights The Country’s Strong Potential For Aviation

by Luc Citrinot, Freelance Journalist 

  • The Republic of Moldova welcomed close to 40+ media representatives, close to 200 participants from Europe and around the globe for its first-ever international event related to air transport. Organised by Aviation-Event, it gave an opportunity to learn about Moldova’s growing air transport market.
  • In 2023, Chisinau International Airport (RMO) welcomed 2.838 million passengers, up 26% over 2022. Authorities expect 3.2 to 3.4 million passengers in 2024. The airport is linked to 46 destinations in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.
  • Chisinau International Airport is currently the main gateway to war-torn Ukraine.
  • Planning started to upgrade RMO to a capacity of up to 10 million passengers.

Aviation-Event proudly hosted on 29 May and 30 May 2024 the first-ever international event related to air transport in the Republic of Moldova. Aviation-Event 2024 RMO marked a significant milestone in the regional aviation industry’s pursuit of excellence and innovation.

The event received the full support of the government with the presence of Andrei Spînu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Republic of Moldova; Mircea Pascaluța, State Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Republic of Moldova; Sergiu Spoială, Acting Director, Chisinau International Airport and David Ciceo, CEO Cluj-Napoca International Airport and President of the Romanian Airports Association (RAA). For many years, the RAA has been a strong supporter to Chisinau International Airport’s development.

Aviation-Event RMO was an opportunity to highlight the increasingly central role that Chisinau International Airport plays in European aviation. And to accelerate Moldova’s anchoring in the European Union. Moldova and the EU already signed an open-sky agreement in 2012, which entered into force in August 2020.

The airport is today the largest gateway to Ukraine as it is located only three hours and a half from Odessa. According to Andrei Spînu, 27% of all passengers flying from and to Chisinau are Ukrainians or continue their trip to Ukraine.

The current gateway role of Chisinau for Southeast Europe -including Ukraine- translated into the arrival of 10 new airlines since 2022, a network of 46 destinations and a surge in passengers.

RMO welcomed last year a total of 2.838 million passengers (up by 25.8%). In 2024, airport’s authorities expect to reach a total of 3.2 to 3.4 million passengers, a record in the history of the airport. Before the end of the decade, the airport could welcome annually 5 million passengers.

According to Minister Andrei Spînu, investment needs are now evaluated for the expansion of the airport. The government plans a new terminal with a capacity of 10 million passengers a year, the upgrading of the runway as well as integrating other modes of transportation to create a multi-modal hub. Chisinau International Airport is preparing its future as Moldova looks at joining the European Union.

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