PhD. Eng. David Ciceo New Supervisory Board Member at Aviation-Event

Aviation-Event, the main hub for aviation conferencing, is taking on Mr. David Ciceo as a member of its Supervisory Board.

David Ciceo is the CEO of Cluj International Airport, President of the Romanian Airports Association, Member of the Airport Council International – World Governing Board, Member of the Airport Council International – Europe Board, Member of the Board of Directors of the International Airport Professional Community of Practice (IAPCoP). David Ciceo has led and developed Cluj International Airport, turning it into the second airport of Romania and an important mid-sized airport in Central and Eastern Europe.

„I am honoured to be part of the board of the prestigious Aviation-Event, a distinguished team of aviation specialists and leaders from all over Europe and to join efforts with an organization dedicated to promote professional communication among aviation experts,“ said David Ciceo.

Aviation-Event, led by CEO and executive director, Marcel Riwalsky, is the main organisation offering aviation professionals and experts a framework within which to discuss issues and current topics of importance to the industry and enabling them to find solutions to the problems it is facing.

Mr. Ciceo will join forces with other top experts of the aviation industry: Mr. Mag. Julian Jäger, COO & Joint CEO of Vienna Airport, Mr. Dr. Karsten Benz, Senior Advisor, Alix Partners, Mr. Dr. Karsten Mühlenfeld, Director Maintenance & Engineering, Ryanair, Mr. Kurt Hofmann, Aviation Journalist, Mr. Markus Kopp, Senior Aviation Consultant, Mr. Martin Isler, EVP Airline, Luxair, Professor Raphael von Heereman, Professor at University of Antwerp, Mr. Rüdiger Kiani-Kreß, Aviation Journalist, Wirtschaftswoche, Prof. Dr. Adrian von Dörnberg, Founder and Managing Partner, The Travel Consulting GmbH, Mr. Michael Garvens, Senior Aviation Consultant, Mr. Michael Kerkloh, Supervisory Board Member of Lufthansa, Mr. Rafael Schvartzman, RVP, IATA Europe.