Social Media Flight of Aviation-Event and SunExpress

From Frankfurt/Germany to Fuerteventura/Spain –and back from the Canary Islands to Germany

On Good Friday, March 30th 2018, the team had its social media flight with SunExpress to Fuerteventura. Our 2 Influencers Aya Safina and Fenja Lindt, Photographer Zübeyde Kopp (studioZeta) and Marcel Riwalsky, CEO Aviation-Event went on this journey with SunExpress to document a day of work of the Cabin Crew.

As many people think, the work starts in the airplane and ends with the landing, they are far wrong. It is much more than serving drinks and making some standard announcements. It all starts with the briefing…

Foto Briefing:  siehe Mail Anhang

… and goes on with preparations for the flight, an overall flight time of 7 hours with different kind of task and many more. The best is you check out our interviews with the crew yourself:


Our conclusion of the day is, SunExpress has a very hard working crew which is very professional even after more than 10 hours of work.

Thank you to SunExpress for the wonderfull flight!