Aviation-Event LIVE TV with Marie Owens Thomsen

Aviation-Event, being the media hub of the aviation industry, gather executive aviation professionals through media and conferences across Europe. We believe that networking is one of the key essentials to connecting different parts of the world and building a chain in the aviation industry.

Aviation-Event LIVE TV is a routine interview format partnered with our media partner Flying Media. Over the years a lot of aviation decision-makers have been a part of this format of Aviation-Event LIVE TV. These interviews have been published on all Aviation-Event platforms and have also successfully been overtaken by our media partners and promoted on their channels in terms of content that they would like to communicate to the readers of the aviation industry.

Here is the latest review of our Aviation-Event LIVE TV with Marie Owens Thomsen, Chief Economist, IATA talking about the crucial topic of Connectivity: (157) Aviation-Event LIVE TV, Marie Owens Thomsen, Chief Economist, IATA – YouTube

Stay tuned for more updates for upcoming Aviation-Event LIVE TV interviews.