Aviation-Event introduces new format Aviation-Event LIVE TV

Aviation-Event Introduces New Live TV Format AE LIVE

The monthly live show hosted by renowned aviation journalist Kurt Hofmann


Agenda Live-TV 12 Jan 2022 (PDF)


Aviation-Event has decided to further build on its concept of LIVE TV broadcasting from its Aviation-Event as successfully introduced at its Bologna conference in August 2021. The live TV feed from the conference featuring the day’s highlights and key speakers was so well received by industry professionals and enthusiasts alike that we decided to expand the concept to become a regular monthly format beyond our global event schedule.


The monthly Aviation-Event LIVE TV aviation news talk show is produced by Flying Media and continues to feature Kurt Hofmann, a leading journalist of the global transportation and tourism industry, as its anchor. Kurt’s unique way of hosting and engaging with his talk partners allows him to connect with his guests on a more personal level which makes his interviews even more so interesting, revealing, and relevant for the audience.


The monthly aviation news talk show will feature interviews with industry professionals on actual topics from the global aviation and wider transportation agendas, revealing and challenging the views of the leaders of our industry. The show will also preview and highlight the agenda of upcoming Aviation-Event conferences together with its lineup of keynotes and speakers.


The inaugural Aviation-Event LIVE TV aviation news talk show is scheduled for 12 January 2022 and can be viewed live via:



The post-production video can be watched from our YouTube channel Aviation-Event.