Aviation-Event 2021 CLJ becomes Aviation-Event 2021 VIE

In an everchanging pandemic context throughout the European aviation network, the highly efficient collaboration between two significant and dynamic airports in Southeast Europe proves to be once again the solution to getting the industry back in business.

Dealing with a series of new restrictions throughout the country, intended to limit the spread of SARS-Cov-2 infections at national level, Cluj „Avram Iancu” International Airport reached out to its partner, namely Vienna International Airport to be able to go on with its project to organize the international conference Aviation-Event 2021 CLJ on the same symbolic date of 7 December 2021.

In respect of the difficult times that Romania and its people are passing these days, with the COVID-19 pandemic struggle, these two airports, together with the event organizer Aviation-Event have joined hands and decided that it is for the best to hold the event in a different location than Cluj-Napoca, namely the capital of Austria, Vienna.

The swift conversion of the event, with previously agreed agenda and speakers, has been possible in a record time, because of the essential attributes shown by both airports and the organizer and present throughout the aviation industry, namely flexibility and resilience.

This way, the event will keep on happening and will bring together in a one-day conference, worldwide civil aviation professionals, representatives of the relevant national authorities, airlines, airports, and other stakeholders’ CEOs from the European continent. The chosen date for this event, namely 7 December, 2021, is not accidental but rather symbolic because it is also the day to celebrate the International Day of Civil Aviation, annually honoured on this date.

The event aims to bring together leaders from the European aviation industry, who will present new perspectives for the development of civil aviation at international level in the post-pandemic context and the continuing need of the ever-changing aeronautical industry, to adapt to new scenarios.

David Ciceo, CEO, Cluj International Airport, has made the following comments: “On 7 December 2021, Cluj International Airport was supposed to be the host airport and European capital of aviation by means of this very important international aviation conference, but the current pandemic context forced us to take a difficult decision. It is with great responsibility that we decided to switch venues with our destination airport partner, namely Vienna Airport, the next planned host of an Aviation-Event conference. Through this joint-cooperation the resilience of the civil aviation prevails, and I remain honoured to welcome everyone from the aviation environment to join us in Cluj-Napoca in a following Aviation-Event CLJ conference.”


Marcel Riwalsky, CEO, Aviation-Event, declared: “Aviation-Event 2021 CLJ will be relocated from Romania to Austria on the day of the event on 7 December 2021, due to possible local restrictions (epidemiological situation). So then, Aviation-Event 2021 VIE. The date and agenda do not change! Only the destination airport. This shows once again the great efficiency and solidarity of European airports and Aviation-Event’s network.”


Julian Jäger, COO and Joint CEO, Vienna Airport, mentioned: “We are looking forward to becoming the host of the next Aviation-Event 2021 in December in Vienna. The who´s who of the international aviation business will come together in our brand-new event location Airport City Space to discuss the latest trends in aviation and we are very glad to introduce our guests not only our airport but also our beautiful city.”