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Aviation-Event 2019

Welcome to Salzburg Airport: 6 June 2019

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Aviation-Event is the leading platform for aviation conferencing and social media communication

The Conference

Aviation-Event invites since 2007 business leaders from the aviation industry and politics to the annual conference to discuss current topics and find solutions for issues the aviation industry is concerned about. We are giving aviation professionals, aviation experts and top decision makers out of the aviation industry access to all aspects of the industry.


The venue at airports is the perfect location for a substantial dialogue and meeting point for business leaders from the aviation industry, politics and every compony willing to gain access to the aviation sector. Meet decision makers to discuss new business models and to connect with aviation people.

New Challenges

Aviation-Event is a well known and recommended platform. It offers exclusive and personal contacts with a dialogue on eye-level. Up to 200 decision makers and more than 30 Speakers come together at the Hub of the industry. Aviation-Event 2018 will be at Düsseldorf airport on June 21st. The topic: “New challenges for global aviation industry –  new global players upcoming?“


Aviation-Event special pics up a variety of topics which we give closer insight on. In a smaller atmosphere of about 50 participants and a panel discussion to a special topic allows us to focus more on one issue. The networking after makes the event unique and perfect to place a topic within the aviation industry.

Who's Speaking?

Alexis von Hoensbroech

Lufthansa Cargo Board Member Product & Sales

Bettina Ganghofer

Dr. Karsten Benz

Senior Advisor Aviation

Dr. Raoul Hille

CEO, Hannover Airport

Jochen Schnadt

CCO bmi regional

Mag. Julian Jäger

Vorstand der Flughafen Wien AG

Markus Kopp

CCO, Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding

Michael Eggenschwiler

Chairman of the Management Board, Hamburg Airport

Michael Garvens

Senior Consultant

Patrick W. Diemer

CEO, Lufthansa AirPlus

Prof. Dr. Adrian von Dörnberg

Founder and Managing Partner, The Travel Consulting GmbH

Ralph Beisel

CEO German Airport Association ADV

Conference venue

Salzburg Airport - SZG

Salzburg Airport

The airport has outstanding scheduled flights to the larger European cities and excellent connections to the hubs in Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Istanbul. The strong low-cost network and regular chartered flights to many holiday destinations on the Mediterranean in the summer and to Northern Europe in winter make the airport an important factor for tourism throughout the region. Direct flights to Salzburg are available, e.g. from Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne-Bonn, Frankfurt, Vienna, Istanbul and London. (as of April 2018) Salzburg Airport has two terminals and profits from its compact and clear design. The amadeus terminal 2 was designed to accommodate the higher number of charter flights on Saturdays during winter. During the rest of the year it is used for events.

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