Social Media Part II

Social Media: A New Power in the Aviation Industry

A world without Social Media today is hard to conceive. Social Media as an entity keeps people connected, lets them communicate freely with each other anywhere and everywhere, and puts them instantly on top of world developments. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others carry an increasingly important role for businesses, as well. Social Media channels have become indispensible communication tools, relaying information precisely targeted to the needs and interests of potential and loyal customers. This new advertising is called Content Marketing… informing first, selling second. The more customers need to know, the more knowledge they get. Social channels business profits: reaching people faster, more effectively, with better, spot-on service and customer satisfaction… all the while gathering important statistics about the competitive marketing environment and vital customer profile data. Influencer Marketing is another trend that has grown in proportion to the importance of Social Media. Influencers are so-called brand ambassadors, advertising indirectly for a brand, its products and services within their Social Media blogs and posts. Their credibility is great, because they are not directly linked to a product or brand, but have an important standing in their own right with followers who identify with them. This opens up new opportunities for every industry, and the aviation industry is no exception. Social Media has great potential as a major element in an airline’s marketing mix. The influencer sector in aviation is growing – pilots and cabin crew members have also begun to use their personal social media accounts and blogs for posting aviation happenings and news. While the use of Social Media tools like these offers many opportunities for an airline’s marketing, controversial discussions also bring up risks that come along with the use of Influencer Marketing and Social Media marketing in general.  At this year’s Aviation-Event, the “Power of Social Media” panel will provide insight into the thoughts of various business movers in the field of aviation. Peter Glade, (Commercial Director at SunExpress), will be discussing, together with Claus Unterkircher, (Head of Rides Operations Uber Austria), und Matthias Wenk, (Marketing Operations Director Ryanair), the influence of Social Media on the aviation industry – looking into possible opportunities as well as pitfalls. The first part of the discussion, moderated by George S. Pascal, CEO of ITMS Marketing GmbH, includes an interchange with pilots and crew from various airlines who, themselves, are influencers on the Instagram platform.


More about Social Media at Aviation-Event 2017 on May 4th:


How does Social Media influence the aviation industry? What are the risks What are the chances? How do Social Media Panels influence Marketing?

with , Kelsey Johnson, Blogger & Cabine Crew; Julia Heitmann, Blogger & Pilot A320; Monika Baloghova, Blogger & Cabin Crew Emirates; Verena Möller, Blogger & Cabin Crew  Eurowings; Carolin Wesselmann, Blogger & Cabin Crew TUIfly; Carola Wimmer, Blogger & Maître de Cabine SWISS Airbus; Amielle Zay Abshire, Blogger & Lead Captain Gulfstream Business Jets

Moderator: George S. Pascal, CEO, ITMS Marketing GmbH