Privatization of Airports

The Privatization of Airports

Aviation is one of the world’s fastest growing commercial sectors. The privatization of airports is taking hold internationally as a remedy for the financial dilemma facing modern airports today. Developments through recent decades indicate that the trend toward privatization of airport ownership and management will continue to grow as a result of the financial burdens these regional and international hubs place on their hosting communities.

Globalization and its intense competition have stepped up the pressure upon airport operators worldwide to establish more cost-efficient methods for their operations. The growing economic strain is forcing governments to privatize in order to afford obligatory modernization and expansion.

More and more airports have reached their financial and facility capacities. The capital required to sustain crucial expansion measures is prohibitive. Correction of these deficits can only be achieved through the added clout of private investors, as the public sector becomes increasingly overwhelmed by the costs of maintenance, expansion and state-of-the-art technology.

Being unable to raise sufficient capital on their own, state and civic governments are welcoming the fresh capital available from private investment groups. Either partially or in full, financial participation of private third parties is growing in attractiveness for challenged communities. Deregulation has opened new channels for growth by providing airports affordable new solutions.

Nils Haupt, Senior Director Corporate Communications at Hapag-Lloyd AG, will lead the discussion and debate regarding the privatization of airports and liberalization of ground services, together with Michael Eggenschwiler, Thomas Schnalke and Michael Schwartz of the Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Riyadh airports respectively. Join them in exploring new levers for contemporary competitiveness at the Aviation-Event 2017.


More about Privatization of Airports at Aviation-Event 2017 on May 4th:


Uptime, expansion times, privatization, operational conditions: Will blocks on expanding the infrastructure be the biggest brakes on the growth of air transportation (runways, terminals, ground handling) in Europe in the future? Are the privatization of airports and the liberaliz- ation of ground services levers for improving competitiveness?

Michael Eggenschwiler, Chairman of the Manaement Board, Hamburg Airport; Thomas Schnalke, Chief Executive Officer, Düsseldorf Airport; Michael Schwarz, Chief Operating Officer & Deputy CEO, Riyadh Airports Company; Mag. Julian Jäger, COO Vienna Airport

Moderator: Sandro Lindner, VP EMEA Sales & Business  Development for Unisys Commercial and Aviation Sector