Drones Part I

Are Drones a serious business model or a visionary concept? What are risks (safety, security, regulation…)?


A contribution from Manfred Mohr (Assistant Director Safety and Flight Operations, Europe IATA)

Drones can be useful, and fun – but there are very real risks when flying drones in congested airspace. Learn more at iata.org/drones:  

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) – Drones

Remotely-piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), commonly known as drones, are increasingly used for commercial operations and recreational purposes. This has coincided with an exponential increase in reports of RPA operating dangerously close to manned aircraft and airports.

As a result of growth in both commercial and recreational markets, RPA manufacturers and operators are seeking greater access to airspace, including that in which commercial aircraft are operating. ​

IATA highlighted the industry concerns during the ICAO High Level Safety Conference (HLSC) held in February 2015. These concerns are: Safety, security, spectrum, access to airspace, and regulatory considerations. We are working with key industry partners to develop coordinated positions under each area of concern.​​​​​


More about Drones at Aviation-Event 2017 on May 4th:


Are cargo drones a serious business model or a visionary concept that will not really take off? How and where would drones change the freight business? What are risks (safety, security, regulation…)?

with Dr. Andreas Jahnke, Project Director and Investor, Lufthansa Aerial Services; Manfred Mohr, Assistant Director Safety and Flight Operations, Europe, IATA

Interviewer: Beverly Seebach, Cargo Manager Central Europe, IATA

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