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Social Media Communication for aviation industry becomes more and more a key factor in corporate communication: sales, marketing, PR, HR, job research and many more aspects of global and local business. User and viewer numbers and reach of social media platforms is rising constantly.

Aviation-Event Social Media Communication is the first platform using all kinds of channels for B2B communication to address aviation topics via Social Media to people on C-Level positions.

Up to 20 influencers from around the world do communicate regularly for Aviation-Event itself and for other aviation industry topics. The range of Aviation-Event’s social media influencer team varies from 1.000 to 30.000 for individual channels, or over 130.000 by combining all available channels.

Aviation-Event’s brand channel on Facebook is nearly up to 20.000. Aviation-Event is also present on LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube.

Aviation-Event’s CEO Marcel Riwalsky reaches via LinkedIn on personal channel more than 30.000 followers of aviation industry. Generating more than 1.000 new followers every week. He focuses especially on decision makers in C-Level positions.

#AviationEvent – the exclusive conference and social media platform for a much needed open dialogue between the aviation industry, the business world and politics at a senior level.

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Coaching Expertise

Our references vary from Social Media Flights with airlines, social marketing with our Influencers with posts and videos, to building up your own Influencers for recruitment.




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Our social media team

Ami Lee

Flight Attendant Freelance, China

Aya Safina

Meridian Air, VVIP instructor and flight-attendant, Russia, Ireland

Sophia Kessler

PrivatAir, Cabin Attendant, Germany

Fenja Lindt

Flight Attendant, Germany

Manana Kveliashvili

Luxaviation Germany, VVIP flight attendant, Russia, Germany

Andreea Sirbu

Saudia Private Aviation, VIP Flight Attendant, Saudi-Arabia

Gintare Mellupe

Airbaltic, Flight Attendant, Latvia, Lituania

Guacimara Franquiz Matias

ROYAL VVIP, VIP Flight Attendant, Spain

Melissa Bell

Flight attendant

Raluca Carcadia

Flight attendant

Oana Cristache

Flight attendant

Roxana Dragosin

Flight attendant

Minja Jovovic

Flight attendant

Kristine Laizane

Flight attendant

Regina Lösel

Flight attendant

Alina Machita

Flight attendant

Rachel Rigeuer

Flight attendant

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