Meet the ambassadors of Aviation-Event and check out who they are.

The ambassadors of Aviation-Event are experts and influencer at different social media channels. All of them are working in the aviation sector. They know how social media in aviation works and what kind of value social media will have for the aviation sector. If you want to know more about the ambassadors click on the pictures below and read the cv and check out their social media accounts.


Sema Erdogan, First Class Cabin Crew SWISS International Air Lines

Ana Sofia Pereira Pinto, VIP Cabin Crew Yemen Presidential Flight

Ami Lee, Flight Attendant Freelance, China







Aline Soares, President Executive Assistant, OLS AS Bano Group

Aya Safina, Flight-attendant and an instructor, Meridian Air


Sophia Kessler, Cabin crew at PrivatAir

Mirella Brzoza, career and language coach and interpersonal trainer












Andreea Sîrbu, Saudia Private Aviation, VIP Flight Attandant