Alliances and Other Strategic Partnerships

Alliances in the aviation industry are arranged relationships among different airlines; the most notable being Star Alliance, SkyTeam and oneworld. Airlines filing codeshare agreements and becoming a member of an alliance strengthens competitiveness and furthers an airline’s ability to offer its customers an unrivalled global network and a seamless travel experience.

Advantages for passengers travelling with an airline joining an alliance include more departure times to choose from, more routing alternatives and lower ticket prices due to lower operational costs. Additionally, travellers are provided with special rewards, such as earning miles across the entire alliance network.

Whereas travellers mostly benefit from alliances, recent discourse has questioned whether carriers would be more successful without those partnerships. Of all the cost advantages airlines benefit from by entering an alliance, this partnership model may also reduce competition. Particularly within the travel agencies and tour operators the reduction of competition is deemed to be a big drawback.

Jeffrey Goh, CEO of the Star Alliance, will address these themes during his speech at Aviation-Event 2017. He will provide the audience with his knowledge of strategic partnerships and will also expound on the question of whether alliances in the aviation sector are stable or a discontinued model.


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Jeffrey Goh, COO and General Counsel Star Alliance

Interviewer Rüdiger Kiani-Kreß, Aviation Journalist, Wirtschaftswoche