Agenda Mai 2017

Take-off or Touchdown: What is the magic Formula for being successful in Aviation?

Aviation-Event is the exclusive business platform at the management Level for all important current and future players in the aviation industry, including suppliers, the business world and politics.


Moderator of the congress: Prof. Dr. Adrian von Dörnberg


8:30 Registration


10:00 Opening Key Note (English)

State of the Industry

Impulse for Infrastructure panels: State of the industry and economic Outlook

Brian Pearce, IATA


10:30 Panel

Infrastructure 1: On the Ground (German)

Uptime, expansion times, privatization, operational conditions: Will blocks on expanding the infrastructure be the biggest brakes on the growth of air transportation (runways, terminals, ground handling) in Europe in the future? Are the privatization of airports and the liberalization of ground services levers for improving competitiveness?

Michael Eggenschwiler, Hamburg Airport; Mag. Julian Jäger, Vienna Airport; Thomas Schnalke, Flughafen Düsseldorf; Michael Schwartz, Riyadh Airport

Moderation Sandro Lindner, Unisys


11:15 Panel

Infrastructure 2: In the Sky (English)

Single European Sky: What is the national concept to support this major project? How can Europe and Germany fight best against the foreseeable airspace congestions and delays? SES performance targets are not met so far since years. Will traffic flows be shifted to Turkey and the Gulf region as a result of inefficient ATM in Europe? What do Europe and Germany do against such developments?

Thomas Hoffmann, Austro Control; Pete Curran, IATA

Moderation Rüdiger Kiani-Kreß, Wirtschaftswoche


11:45 Lunch Break & Networking


13:00 Hot Seat Talk: (German)


Aviation security – public task or better privatized?

Prof. Dr. jur. Elmar Giemulla, International Aviation Law Expert

Interviewer Olaf Hammermeister, Anywhere.24


13:30 Panel

Freight: Innovation (German)

Which innovations are driven by successful carriers today? What is going on with e-freight? How do airlines drive implementation? What will be the next big project for the air cargo industry?

Robertino Fransisco Veltman, Qatar Airways; Markus Kopp Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding; Christian Haug, Deputy General Manager, Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport Cargo Terminal, Co., Ltd. (PACTL); Bea Berke, CEO International Cargo Center Shenzen     

Moderator  Thomas Braun, HOLM


14:15 Hot Seat Talk

Drones (English)

Are cargo drones a serious business model or a visionary concept that will not really take off? How and where would drones change the freight business? What are risks (safety, security, regulation…)?

Dr. Andreas Jahnke, Lufthansa Aerial Services; Manfred Mohr, IATA

Moderater Beverly Seebach, IATA


14:45 Panel

Air Transport Agreements (German)

Air Transport Agreements on the test bench: Who benefits from the 6th freedom in aviation? Are antitrust immunity, joint ventures, etc. on flight areas the solutions for establishing a “Global Airline”? Are cross shareholdings in the airline industry a useful first step? Does the statutory prevention of majority stakes in the airline industry still make sense? What are the reasons in favor of it and against it?

Dr. Raphael von Heereman, Consultant; Peter Gerber, Lufthansa Cargo AG

Moderator Stephan Nagel, Prologis AG


15:15 Coffee break & Networking


15:45 Panel

Politics (German)

A few months prior to the elections: What can politics do to strengthen aviation? What needs to be done to strengthen aviation? How important is aviation for the German politics?

Andreas Rimkus MdB, SPD; Bastian Roet VC Cockpit; Klaus-Peter Willsch MdB, CDU; Ralph Beisel, ADV; Arnold Vaatz MdB, CDU

Moderator Timo Kotowski, FAZ


16:30 Panel                

Power of Social Media in Aviation (English)

How does Social Media influence the aviation industry? What are risks, what are chances? How do Social Media channels influence Marketing?

Part I with  Julia Heitmann, Blogger and Pilot; Monica Baloghova, Blogger and Cabin Crew Emirates; Kelsey Johnson, Blogger and Cabin Crew Emirates; Verena Möller, Blogger and Cabin Crew Germanwings; Carolin Wesselmann, Blogger and Cabin Crew; Carola Wimmer, Blogger & Maître de Cabine SWISS

Part II mit Peter Glade, SunExpress; Claus Unterkircher, Uber Austria; Matthias Wenk, Ryanair 

Moderator  George S. Pascal, ITMS


18:00 End of Conference